C9 500′ Green Wire Socket Spool 12″ Spacing SPT-1


Five hundred-foot bulk spool of green wire with 12″ spacing for a total of 500 C9 sockets. This 1000′ reel of 12-inch spacing is the most popular length for most commercial and residential applications and uses commercial grade SPT-1 green wire with the best C9 socket around, which makes it ideal for outdoor displays. Custom cut this C9 lightline to the length you need and then use our snap-on male and female plugs (not included) to supply power to your lighting application.

  • C9 500′ Spool 12″ Spacing 8 Amp Green Wire
  • 500 Total C9/E17 Intermediate Sockets
  • SPT-1, 8-Amp (960 Watt) Green Wire
  • Commercial Quality Admiral Brand Socket
  • Max Run = 110 Sockets with 7 Watt Incandescent Bulbs
  • Max Run = 384 Sockets with 1 Watt LED Bulbs
  • Supply Power with SPT-1 Male Plugs (Not Included)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

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