Lights at Wholesale started as an installer and quickly learned what a good product should be like.  We used several distributors and found that their products wouldn’t meet our high standards.  So, after years of frustration and searching for a better solution, Lights at Wholesale was born.   

Lights at Wholesale is a company based in Northern Utah.  We provide quick and FREE shipping (minimum order of $399) of the products you want when you need them.

We are not new to the industry… Lights at Wholesale currently services installers large and small throughout the nation, homeowners, DIYers as well as several municipalities. 

Why choose us?    

  1. Our LED bulbs are the best in the industry.  We’re a little biased.  Our lights last longer than our competitors.  Which saves you time from returning service calls and replacing burnt out lights. 
  2. Our incandescent bulbs don’t fade or flake as early as others.  Some of our competitors lights only last one season.  Don’t get caught replacing bulbs every year to keep your customers content and happy. 
  3. Our C9 / C7 sockets won’t fail or fall off causing you extra maintenance and repairs.
  4. Our plugs are the best in the market. No bent prongs and no breaking in colder climates. 
  5. We have it all, lights, wire, clips, greenery and more.  You can also find patio lighting which may compliment your other businesses. 

You can also find us online at  You will also find helpful information on our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.  We look forward to serving you and helping you in all of your Christmas lighting needs.