We offer the same, or in many cases, a better-quality product than the competition.  Below are some examples:

  • Our LED bulbs are the best in the industry.  In a test with several different manufactures, our bulbs lasted the longest out of all of the ones tested.  We had the smallest percentage that burnt out, compared to all of the others.
  • Our incandescent bulbs do not fade as quickly in the sun as many other competitors. The colors are also not too dark where the lights are so dim that you can barely see them. They are also a richer color and look better at night.
  • Our C9 / C7 stringers and 1000 ft spools have the highest quality of sockets available.  The sockets do not fall off like some, and they hardly ever go bad.
  • The Male/ Females plugs are the best on the market. The metal prongs do not bend in the cold like many of our competitors.  The plastic is a soft durable plastic, so they do not break and shatter in the cold.