InvisiLights - 3 Wire Connectors (Pack of 25)

  • High Quality - Made of flame retardant Nylon, this connector is durable, stable. With mineral oil-based sealant, it can keep the moisture away from the connection. And brass element construction with tin plated prevents corrosion.
  • Fit: Designed with 3 holes, holds 0.9-1.3 mm (22-14AWG) solid/stranded copper and common wires. Working Temp: -30 degrees C~+70 degrees C.
  • Insulation Design: 2000V DC voltage or AC 1400V voltage can be applied between the metal wire connecting the module and the insulating shell or cover.
  • Easy to Use: No peeling or twisting required, simply insert the wire into the pigtail electrical connector and squeeze the blue cap with a crimping tool.

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